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April 12, 2012
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Today, 22 years ago, I was a newborn Washington State baby.  I can’t speak much about this event for obvious reasons.

This is my first ever birthday without my grandfather who passed away back in November.  I’ll miss his deep voice singing Happy Birthday with the rest of my family, but I’m choosing to believe he’s watching me, wherever he is.

I don’t have much of a social life, so I tend to have low-key birthdays.  This is perfectly fine by me.  I like having one day a year in which I can do what I want and get away with it and say a happy, “Fuck you” to my diet which hasn’t been going so great anyway.  Tomorrow starts up the calorie counting again, but for today, fuck it.

This is also the first birthday in the past six years that I’ve been able to celebrate with very minimal O.C.D.  Recently, I’ve started letting go of it, and as I knew well from those few days in August of last year when I managed to ignore it, it feels damn good.  This is the longest I’ve gone since the O.C.D. manifested itself without giving in.  Too much.  If you do something often enough, it becomes habit.  So I have to battle anxiety and break habits simultaneously.  I can insert a dumb joke about “the gift that keeps on giving” here, but, really, that’s a bit worn out and I won’t.

I think I shall post a Nails of the Day later, if I can find my red flash drive.  I certainly hope I can, because that little fiery thing has quite a few wonderful pictures on it.

Happy 22nd to me!


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