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Same old, only different?

May 8, 2012

This blog is changing and it’s happening right now.  I’m not going to be keeping an account of my life here anymore.  That is what my green notebook is for.  This thing is now becoming what it should have been from the get-go, a blog of books, music, and other things like posts about rocks and oddities in crossword puzzles.  I suppose I’m just tired of the online personal diary thing (for me) and am finally taking the step to get away from it.  Yes, that sounded way more serious that it needed to be.

So.  Remember the Alamo Sonata Slut for what it was, and enjoy it (hopefully) for what it is becoming.

Edit: the only personal posts remaining here are the birthday posts, my first post (cuz it’s nice to have), my R.E.M.-mourning post (it’s musical, damn it), and the post where I responded to a tag.  The “list of lovely things” post is a bit personal, but those things are lovely and need to stay put.  There we go.  Onward.

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